U.S. Market: There Are Over 80,000 Public Charging Points

According PlugShare.com, the U.S. market has over 80,000 Public Charging Points. The report was compiled at the end of 2019. The report also says that this amounts for an 800 percent increase within the last six year. The the growth rate in 2019 was 33 percent year-over-year.

The public charging points include both AC and DC Fast Chargers, ranging from several kW up to 350kW. It’s worth mentioning that charging points are counted as one or more charging terminals.

As you’d expect, California is leading the electric offensive with over 20,000 charging points. Surprisingly, Texas comes in second, followed by New York State.

Illinois, where our main office is based, has less than 2,000 stations for a population of 12.7 million. As a matter of fact, in the City of Chicago, there are around 10 fast charging stations for non-Tesla vehicles. Clearly, the lack of a an adequate charging infrastructure is one of the main obstacles in the adoption of electric cars.

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