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My Easy Charge: one card, more than 130,000 charging stations

The electric world is becoming more and more integrated. Digital Charging Solutions GmbH has developed, on behalf of FCA, an integrated public charging service dedicated to its customers who will choose Jeep Renegade and Compass 4xe, the new electric Fiat 500, or any future plug-in hybrid and electric models.

Future owners will have access to the digital service “My Easy Charge” which will allow them to access to a wide network of recharge stations all around the world, managed directly by DCS.

The service will work through a dedicated app and a unique card which will allow the user to recharge his/her vehicle at more than 130,000 charging stations in 21 European countries without having to subscribe to dozens of different services.

By subscribing to the service, the users will have a complete map of the charging stations available on an app for both iOS and Android. This way, you will be able to easier plan your travels.

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“The partnership with DCS joins the agreements that FCA has already made with a lot of leading partners in their respective sectors. To make our electric and electrified vehicles more attractive and accessible, we know that they must be environmentally and economically sustainable. And if we want more and more people to choose to drive electrified vehicles, we must guarantee them an experience that is easy and free from charging anxiety. “Roberto Di Stefano, FCA e-Mobility Manager