2021 Toyota Mirai

2021 Toyota Mirai already getting $10,000 price cut, but there’s a catch

When Toyota introduced the second-generation Mirai in the United States last December, the fuel cell electric sedan debuted with a starting price of $49,500. That’s already a significant decrease of $9,050 compared to the 2020 Mirai, but it appears Toyota is eager to sweeten the deal furthermore. Cars Direct managed to get a hold of a bulletin sent to dealers, revealing a major discount is coming.

Starting January 5, Mirai customers can take advantage of a significant $10,000 APR Credit provided they take a loan by accessing Toyota Financial in California. To lure in more buyers into its showrooms, Toyota is offering the zero-emissions large sedan with 0% APR financing for as much as five years. It’s quite rare to see a brand-new car receive a major price cut from basically day one, but it appears Toyota is pulling all the stops to increase the Mirai’s appeal.

Before you get too excited about the prospects of a sweet deal available for the 2021 Mirai, there’s a catch. Cars Direct reports the APR Bonus can’t be had if you’re leasing, which means it’s only available when buying. Leasing Toyota’s eco-friendly family sedan isn’t all that great in terms of incentives as the only offer is $1,750 in factory lease cash, but only on the more expensive Limited variant rather than the base XLE.

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Those interested in leasing and willing to see the glass half full will be happy to hear Toyota offers as much as $15,000 in refueling credit. If you plan on doing a lot of miles with your 2021 Mirai during the duration of the lease, it could end up as a good deal even without the $10,000 price cut available only when buying.

At first, the rear-wheel-drive Mirai will only be available in California and promises to offer a maximum EPA-estimated range of 402 miles for the XLE trim or 30% more than its front-wheel-drive predecessor. It also packs more punch than before (182 hp vs 151 hp), although torque has decreased from 247 lb-ft to 221 lb-ft.

It’s longer, wider, and lower than the model it replaces while being able to carry five people as opposed to the previous four. The 2021 Mirai rides on the same GA-L platform as the Lexus LS flagship and has a near 50:50 weight distribution along with a lower center of gravity for better handling.

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Source: Cars Direct

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