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Tesla temporarily stops taking orders for Model S Plaid+

Fire up Tesla’s website to access the configurator section for the Model S where you will notice only the Long Range and Plaid are available to order. Yes, customers can no longer place an order for the range-topping Plaid+, even though deliveries haven’t even started yet. The $149,990 is not accessible for the time being, but the website claims it will be available in mid-2022, so new customers are going to have to wait at least a year.

Why has Tesla temporarily discontinued the Model S Plaid+? Sources close to the matter are speculating it has to do with “long lead times.” That makes sense considering the company likely has a significant backlog of orders after delaying deliveries of the updated electric sedan several months. Elon Musk announced this week a dedicated delivery event for the Model S Plaid on June 3 at the firm’s plant in Fremont, California.

The Plaid+ should be well worth the wait given the impressive technical specifications announced by Tesla. The all-wheel-drive sedan will have three electric motors providing a combined output of more than 1,100 horsepower to enable a 0 to 60 mph run in less than two seconds.

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That being said, competitors are not wasting any time as more and more high-performance EVs are being announced. One of the most highly anticipated debuts is the Mercedes-AMG EQS, which could be revealed before the end of 2021 or early 2022. It likely won’t be as quick as the Model S Plaid+ given an already announced output of 761 hp, but it should still give the range-topping Tesla a run for its money.

Audi is coming out with the RS E-Tron GT and you can rest assured Porsche is planning to expand the Taycan lineup. Whether there will be something above the Turbo S remains to be seen, but if Tesla keeps announcing delay after delay, rivals are eventually going to catch up.

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