Porsche Taycan by Mansory

Porsche Taycan modified by Mansory with lots of carbon fiber bits

Mansory is at it again. This time around, the hugely controversial German tuner has worked on the Porsche Taycan to give the high-performance electric sedan a far more aggressive look. Carbon fiber is the central theme of the aftermarket package as it has been used extensively on the outside. You’ll see it on the front air intakes, below and to the side of the front apron, as well as around the headlights.

The carbon fiber treatment continues on the side sills and mirror caps, not to mention as an extra side strip on the doors. Mansory has added a not-so-subtle trunk lid spoiler made out of the same lightweight material, while the aggressively designed rear apron is made entirely out of carbon fiber. The apron is available with or without the F1-like light in the center.

Beyond the reworked clothing, the Porsche Taycan also gets a new set of shoes. It now sits on a custom set of lightweight alloy wheels measuring 22 inches at both front and rear axles. These one-piece cast wheels have narrow spokes intended to maximize the dissipation of the frictional heat caused during braking. Mansory will paint the brake calipers in any desired colors and will also offer those wheels with a flashy diamond-polished rim surface.

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The tuner says it can apply all sorts of leather on every single piece inside the cabin. The stitching can be had in a great variety of colors, including one to match the vehicle’s exterior paint. At an additional cost, the Taycan’s steering wheel can be bathed in carbon fiber and leather. Rounding off the upgrades are new floor mats as well as an aluminum pedal set.

Being a purely electric vehicle, there aren’t any performance-related tweaks as you get with Mansory’s projects based on high-end vehicles equipped with combustion engines. Not that the Taycan needs more horsepower or torque, especially if we’re talking about the flagship Turbo S version delivering hypercar levels of acceleration.

Source: Mansory