Vanderhall Brawley GTS

Vanderhall Brawley revealed as electric off-roader with 200-mile range

Vanderhall Motor Works made a name for itself with an impressive collection of three-wheelers, but the new Brawley is quite a bit different. For starters, it has been conceived as a proper off-roader with 35-inch tires and a massive 22-inch suspension travel to tackle just about any type of rough terrain you can think of.

Previously known as the Navarro, the new model eschews the General Motors-sourced turbocharged gasoline engines used by the vast majority of the company’s other products and features a purely electric powertrain. It’s worth noting the Edison2 is also an EV, but the new Brawley is more powerful and features a fourth wheel, not to mention a fully enclosed cabin to make it more car-like.

With 404 horsepower and a massive 651 Newton-meters (480 pound-feet) of torque, the electric off-roader relies on four inboard motors to provide a more than adequate zero-emissions punch. There are 40- and 60-kWh battery packs to choose from, with the latter enabling a maximum range between charges of 200 miles (322 kilometers).

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The styling is quite interesting what with the see-through doors, a Jeep-esque front fascia, and a bit of a Ford Bronco overall vibe. The interior hosts four seats and can be transformed into a convertible thanks to a removable roof. It has a minimalist dashboard design with nothing more than the essentials, while air-conditioning keeps you cool on a hot day off the beaten path.

Coming for the 2022 model year, the Vanderhall Brawley will be available from July 15 when early adopters will be given the opportunity to make a reservation. Pricing details have not been disclosed, but logic tells us it’ll be the most expensive model of the bunch. The company’s lineup currently starts at $25,950 for the Venice Blackjack and rises to $46,950 for the Carmel GTS, with the all-electric Edison2 somewhere in between at $34,950.

Source: Vanderhall Motor Works