Tesla vehicles with AMD Ryzen processor have slightly lower range

Tesla has switched from using Intel Atom processors to AMD Ryzen hardware for the Model 3 and Model Y. The first cars with the more powerful MCU3 setup were originally built for the Chinese market before arriving in the United States. Naturally, the time has come for Europe to get the latest setup featuring increased power, enabling quicker-to-use infotainment and navigation.

That’s the good news. The bad news is this hardware change has taken its toll on the car’s efficiency as Model 3 and Model Y units equipped with the AMD Ryzen have a slightly lower range. Tesla explains the MCU3 “requires more power, resulting in a minor drop in range.” People with a pending delivery are receiving this warning and have to confirm they understand the change and proceed with delivery or cancel the order.

In this particular case of a car heading to Australia, a Model 3’s WLTP range has dropped by 22 kilometers (14 miles) to 602 kilometers (374 miles). It’s not the end of the world, but certainly not a pleasant surprise either. Over in Europe, the M3 is also impacted by the switch to AMD Ryzen, with the exception of the Model 3 RWD as it soldiers on with 510 km (317 miles) of range for the version riding on 18-inch wheels. Go for the one equipped with a 19-inch set and efficiency drops to 491 km (305 miles).

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Elsewhere, the M3 Long Range AWD now does 626 km (389 miles) or 11 km (7 miles) less than before on the 18-inch alloys and the 19-inch wheels come with a 12-km penalty to 602 km (374 miles). Step up to the M3 Performance with its 20-inch set and you should be able to cover 547 km (340 miles) on a single charge, representing a decline of 20 km (12 miles).

On the other hand, the Model Y benefits from a higher range, presumed to come from a battery size increase from 77 kWh to 82 kWh.

Note: All numbers are according to the WLTP test cycle.

Source: Teslascope / Twitter

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