2020 Tesla Model Y – All The Details We Know So Far

While the introduction of the Tesla Model Y wasn’t as groundbreaking as the show around Models 3, it’s clear it is going to be an important electric vehicle for Tesla. The crossover shares nearly 75 percent of its components with the Model 3, helping Tesla to save on production costs. The also Model Y looks very similar to the Model 3. It gets a sleek-looking coupe-like profile, but it’s larger in size.

Exterior Dimensions:

  • Length: 187 in or 4,750 mm
  • Overall Width including mirrors: 83.8 in or 2,129 mm
  • Overall Width including folded mirrors: 77.9 in or 1,978 mm
  • Overall Width excluding mirrors: 75.6 in or 1,921 mm
  • Overall Height: 64 in or 1,624 mm

Inside, the Tesla Model Y is near-identical to the Model 3, with the same minimalist dash and tablet screen. It looks fine and is completely inoffensive. It might be considered a bit bland by some but we get Tesla’s minimalist approach and it looks fine. The tablet is also very impressive, in terms of its size, clarity and functionality. The dashboard-mounted 15-inch touchscreen is used to control the vehicle’s various systems.

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Standard features include 12-way power front seats, a 14-speaker audio system, and a tinted glass roof. The Tesla Model Y has a two-row seating, with a third-row option coming in 2021.

There will be four different variants of the Tesla Model Y; a Standard Range (315 miles of range), Long Range (304 miles), Dual Motor AWD (315 miles) and a Dual Motor Performance (315 miles). Prices for those variants are as follows: $39,000, $47,000, $51,000 and $60,000, respectively. All model variants except for the Standard Range will be available at launch, with the standard car being available later.

Most models get respectable performance, doing 0-60 mph between 4.8-6.9 seconds. The Dual Motor Performance, though, is the car you want to hear about. It can do 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds, just like the Model 3. It also has a top speed of 150 mph, lowered suspension, an aluminum throttle pedal (accelerator?) 20-inch wheels, some carbon fiber bits and Tesla’s famous “Track Mode”.

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The latter of which sets up the car’s software for track use, allowing for some oversteer, and slackens off the traction control.

Tesla’s Model Y will be able to use the extensive network of fast-charge Supercharger stations. Of course, the infamous Autopilot system is included as well.

Unlike other electric vehicles, Tesla Model Y buyers won’t be eligible for the federal one-time $7,500 tax credit. First deliveries are scheduled for March 2020.