Audi delivered 1,711 e-tron EVs in the U.S. in Q1 2020

Audi’s total sales in Q1 2020 dropped by 14 percent, but the sales of their e-tron EVs are stable. The company announced that it sold 1,711 e-tron electric SUVs in the first quarter of the year.

U.S. sales-to-date for their first electric vehicle comes in at 7,080, with 5,369 of those units sold in 2019. Globally, Audi sold 45,801 e-tron models since their launch in 2018.

Norway continues to lead the way in EV adoption with nearly 3,800 units sold so far in 2020.

Thanks to its dual electric motors, the Audi e-tron makes 355 hp and 414 lb-ft of torque under normal driving. When you mash the accelerator though, you get a temporary Boost Mode, which packs 402 hp and 490 lb-ft. That Boost Mode is available for eight seconds, which is more than enough to get the e-tron to 60 mph, as it does that spring in 5.6 seconds.

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The Audi e-tron sports a 95 kWh battery pack and is capable of charging at 150 kW. More importantly, it’s capable of sustaining that charge speed for almost its entire charge cycle. From about 10-percent to almost 80-percent, the e-tron can charge at 150 kW. That gives it the broadest band of fast charging of any EV on the market.

The EPA gave the Audi E-tron a range rating of 204 miles.