Drag Race: Tesla Model 3 Performance vs. BMW M2 and Alfa Romeo 4C

A drag race in the rain brings together the Tesla Model 3 Performance, alongside the BMW M2 Competition and the Alfa Romeo 4C. Basically, an electric car against two, fun, but conventionally-powered sports cars.

What do they have in common though? Not much really. The Tesla Model 3 Performance comes with a dual-motor and 450 horsepower. But it also features an all-wheel drive system.

The BMW M2 Competition is powered by a 3.0 liter six-cylinder turbocharged engine making 405 horsepower. Being a BMW sports car, it send the power only to the rear wheels. And it’s a manual as well.

On the last lane we have the Alfa Romeo 4C with 237 horsepower, but only weighing 2500 lbs. So the power-to-weight ratio is far better than its competitors’.

Yet, the outcome of this drag race is expected. The Model 3 Performance with its 3.2 seconds standard sprint and all-wheel drive is a tough opponent for the BMW and the Alfa. Also the rainy conditions do not play in the favor of the latter.

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So in the end, the Tesla comes out ahead.