Tesla update adds Megaphone function to create the KITT car

Another holiday is upon us, so you know what that means – Tesla has prepared another fun update. In 2020, the Boombox feature was added to allow owners to play a pre-recorded sound via the vehicle’s external speaker. Fast forward 12 months later, another functionality is being added, allowing the driver to speak to the built-in microphone and then the voice will be pumped out through that external speaker. Why? Why not?

As you may recall, Tesla added the external speaker back in 2019 with its initial purpose being to play warning sounds whenever the car is traveling at low speeds to alert pedestrians and thus diminish the risk of an accident. With Tesla being Tesla, it has found a way to make this otherwise mundane feature a lot more exciting, first by adding the Boombox and now upgrading it to include the Megaphone function for 2021.

We admit it can be a little bit creepy to hear a car while it “speaks” in the same vein as the KITT car from the 1980s Knight Rider show. It is a nifty feature, if not a little bit pointless. Judging from what we can hear in this video, the car seems to be adding some voice effects, which makes it even weirder. We must give credit where it’s due as Tesla has found an unconventional way to make what is primarily a mandated feature quite cool.

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Holiday Update 2021 is not just about the Megaphone as Tesla has also created a new light show, which comes along with traditional Christmas music played through the very same external speaker we mentioned earlier. It also makes the tailgate “dance,” it pops out the flush door handles and lowers and raises the windows. Not only that, but it also folds and unfolds the side mirrors.

Source: Phones and Drones / YouTube

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