Toyota X-Prologue teaser

Toyota teases electric SUV with X Prologue concept, debuts March 17

A preview of a preview, that’s one way to describe what Toyota is doing with the X Prologue. A teaser image released today announces the premiere of what is likely a concept signaling the brand’s belated zero-emissions intentions. The wraps are going to come off March 17 when the Japanese marque will unveil most likely a concept for an electric SUV co-developed with Subaru.

It’s worth mentioning that Toyota doesn’t specifically say it will unveil an EV, but the relatively short hood seen here indicates there’s no room for a combustion engine underneath. The entire front fascia seems to have a closed-off design, hinting at the absence of a conventional gasoline engine that would need to be cooled through an open grille.

It is actually not the first time Toyota is teasing an electric SUV as the images attached within the article were released towards the end of 2020, along with some preliminary specifications. The model in question is expected to be just about as big as the RAV4 and will ride on the e-TNGA platform specifically engineered for EVs. Subaru’s equivalent is likely going to carry the “Evoltis” moniker.

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The new electric SUV from Toyota doesn’t have a name yet, but we do know it will initially go on sale in Europe before being turned into a global model. While the concept is days away from being revealed, the production model will arrive later this decade. It will be the first of six EVs planned by Toyota to arrive in the years to come.

The other electric models will take the shape of a compact crossover engineered together with Suzuki and Daihatsu, a minivan, sedan, a midsize crossover, and a large SUV. From what we know about the e-TNGA platform, it’s being developed to accommodate a variety of configurations, including FWD, RWD, and AWD along with multiple battery packs, different wheelbase lengths and electric motors.

The full reveal of the X Prologue concept is a week away and we’re hoping Toyota will provide more information about how it plans to electrify its lineup. It’s late to the EV party as the fuel cell Mirai is only offered in select markets where hydrogen fueling stations are widespread.

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Source: Toyota